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OnominO - Album Release                 

3/12/20 Head over to BandCamp and check out the electronifying improvised duets between Jon Tarry and Niko Schauble.

JTNS 1.jpg

photo © Chris Frangou

'Then This' @ Port Fairy Spring Music Festival

Mirko Guerrini, Tony Hicks, Stephen Magnusson and I pre-recorded a one hour set of original music at Horti Hall in Melbourne.

What a glorious way to emerge from Melbourne's lockdown.

Our recording will be broadcast on SAT 28 Nov at 8:30pm.

We are also planning to release the recording as an album at the end of this year.


The PFSMF, organised by artistic directors Monica Curro and Stefan Cassomenos, is a festival you don't want to miss!

More info and tickets in the link below.

ps: The charts of the compositions performed are available on my Shop Page.

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